I’m a Barby girl in a Barby world

I’m a Barby girl in a Barby world

I’m a Barby girl in a Barby world 2560 1643 Vasu - Coaching & Trainingen

Conscious beings, having human experiences, whom are thinking that they are having a human experience. Mind is only a tool, a processor, for consciousness. We, as we are normally referring to, and are ALWAYS identified with, don’t know shit.

We are Kermit, thinking it is very important and real. Actors who forgot they are (not) the actor. Thinking to know that we are playing a role in a Zoom meeting, actually not conscious of the fact that the one that’s having the Zoom experience is actual a Barby or a Ken that’s also a tool of experience for an even larger part of conscious.

Think about your dreams last night. There might have happened a lot, maybe one experience. But how many layers in such a seemingly short dream. Of course it seems short, because there’s no such thing as time, It’s just one picture with so incredible many layers. Anyway, sinking in that one scene of the dream, if you wake-up conscious enough (from the human point of experience) you will remember the scene;

“There was this parked car with my friends inside of it, standing beside of another car, with kind of aggressive people inside and around of it. That’s how it felt. While having these mixed feelings of threat, ready to fight or flight, about to take action, suddenly my sister in law came to me, from a house where she was kind of molested by someone, crying and saying; where were you man, when I needed you!” So, new interpretations, thoughts and feeling rise in you (in your dream), experiences out of that are made conscious to your dream personality. “That (your) dream personality walks to the house of two men, started to argue with them, first angry, flabbergasted and aggressive, becoming conscious enough of the fact that they are stronger. Taking a deep breath to try to deal with these guys, to bring them to reason, that they, without fighting them, will realize their stupidity and went out, crying out loud of these feelings of guilt, to your sister in law, begging for forgiveness. At that moment you realize that there’s still this feeling of guilt in you of not noticing it when she was molested, because you were involved in that threatening scene at the cars with your friends and seemingly unpredictable others. So, isn’t it better to molest the two men’s faces anyway, so your sister in law will not only be proud of you because they are coming to her to excuse themselves, but also because you punished them and now they are pleasing her for forgiveness. At that moment you realize, becoming conscious of the fact, that there’s some ego in that decision…”

So you see, there are scenes and thoughts and feeling and thoughts about these feelings and thoughts and feelings about. Whilst it’s all a fucking dream! And that, my friends, might also be a dream…


The funny thing is, i am writing this down, not for expressing my insight of some thoughts, dreams nor interpretations of it, it only had to be done, for my Ken to finally learn how to write down the word councious… concious, conscious right!